Getting Started

1. Work through the units numerically.

2. Complete the checklist for the current unit before advancing to the next unit.

3. When you progress to a new unit, note any exercises that are still giving you trouble, and return to review them periodically.

4. If you have problems, first consult our FAQ page.


This course is designed to be used both at your computer, as well as on your commute, at the gym, on a walk—anywhere you can take your CD player (or iPod).

When you log on to you will see links to 15 units—one for each disc. Click on any unit and the first thing you see is the “Checklist” for that disc. The checklist is just a suggestion. You don’t have to follow it exactly, but use it as a guide.

First Use The Written Transcript

The first time you listen to a disc, you should definitely be looking at the written transcript. You can either do this online, or you can print the transcript so you don’t need to log on. Listen and repeat while following along on the transcript, so that you have an idea of what is being said.

Then Practice Without The Written Transcript

Next, practice without looking at the transcript. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything that is being said. You are not expected to at this time. The way the drills are constructed, if you don’t know the correct response, simply repeat the last thing you heard. Then, the next thing you hear will be the correct answer, followed by another pause for you to repeat.

After practicing a number of times without looking at the transcripts, go through the entire disc again while following along on the transcript. This time, you will pick up a lot more meaning because you will be much more familiar with the material.

Mix in Material

As you work with the disc, mix in the other items on the checklist. Continue to practice, sometimes with the transcript, but most times without, until you get to where you can understand nearly the entire disc without looking at the transcript. At that point it’s time to move on to the next disc!

Units One and Two Are Different!

Be sure to read the note at the top of Unit One and Unit Two. This explains that for the first two units, the emphasis is on pronunciation, and so for many of the drills you are not expected to know the meaning of the words you are hearing and repeating. Do not let this alarm you. We purposely don’t give you the meaning, because we don’t want you distracted, but rather want you to focus completely on pronunciation. After Unit Two, you will be learning the meaning of everything you hear and say.

Spend Extra Time On Difficult Areas

As you work through a disc, you are going to find some tracks are a lot harder than others. This is where the “repeat” function on your player will come in handy. If you are finding a particular section to be especially difficult, set your player to repeat just that track, and practice it over and over again. This will really help you to master the material.

And now, the most important advice we can give you.

You must develop a habit of doing at least a little bit every day! If you only practice a couple of times a week, you are going to find it difficult to make steady progress.

On the other hand, if you do a little bit every day, you will continue to make slow but steady progress. Your progress will raise your spirits, motivating you to practice more. More practice will mean even more progress, and even higher motivation.

Make it part of your day! Every day! Even if only for five minutes!